Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thank you Curtains!

When we moved into our house nearly 2 years ago, we bought plain white curtains for each room. Each pair was at least 30cm too long, so when my mum came round we decided to hem them.

We were left with quite a lot of white material, and it was all pretty dirty as it had been trailing along the floor for a few months.
I'm ashamed to say that I very lazily said that I would just throw it all away, as it needed washing and to be honest we are ALWAYS behind on our washing and I just didn't want to add to the pile.

But my mum, who never ever throws anything away, said that she'd wash and dry it all for me (isn't that kind of her?!), and I said that even so I would probably NEVER use it.

How wrong I was!

It has become a staple in my sewing projects, I've used it in so many things I've lost count, but I want to show you some of the projects I've used it for...

These are some trousers I made for Bella over a year ago- the thin white fabric made for some perfect breezy, cool bloomers!

Look how little Bella is here! And I just loved the fancy edges on the trousers, I'm quite sad that she has outgrown them now! (and the curtains in the picture are BEFORE we hemmed them!)

And then a few weeks ago I decided to make some placemats for our kitchen table. I got the pattern from this beautiful book...

I guess the trouble with white placemats is that they are HIGHLY impractical. As I placed them on the table I sternly told Nick that we must be VERY CAREFUL to not spill anything on them. It's a real shame that we're such messy eaters-they are now dotted with stains. BUT I am trying to be laid back about it, it's good to not be precious about stuff, right?!

And then finally I made this doll for Bella. This is her with 2 different looks; 'going-out' and 'casual'!

I've been trying to work out a nice pattern for a ragdoll for a few months now. I drew this one out, not sure how it would look once it was sewn and stuffed-you never can tell! But I'm actually really happy with how she's turned out! Her hair took an AGE to finish. I would have added more but it is actually SO THICK and unmanageable now, there just wouldn't be any room! But we all have thick, unmanageable hair in our family so she fits in extremely well!

We're not sure what to call her yet. Bella wanted to call her Tia Mouse Pig Doll but I thought that was a mouthful, so I'm just waiting for Bella to choose a new and hopefully shorter name for her!!

So thank you Mum, for making me keep these curtain trimmings, and thank you Curtains, for being so useful!

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