Tuesday, 11 October 2011


i have a new etsy shop! at the moment there's not loads in there but i'm gonna keep adding to it so watch this space! please do take a look around jenyabucklemyshoe!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

ooh just a quickie...

i recently illustrated a christian chocolate advent calendar for the company Nick works for, it arrived this week and i am very excited!

Excuse the bad photos-i couldn't wait til the daylight to take pictures!

If you want to buy it, go here, it's fairtrade chocolate too-yum yum!

2nd time's a charm!

I crocheted this hat for Bella-didn't follow a pattern as i am the world's worst pattern follower so i just crocheted a circle and kept holding it round Bella's head to check it was fitting.

And then i made a flower for it-

oh boy it was MASSIVE!! it was as big as her head! she looks pretty shocked hey?!

so i had to re-assess and make a slightly smaller flower!

Much improved i think!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


i have been a bad blogger of late- apologies!

but i just want to show you a dress i made for bella, out of soft brown material with pink lining.

i'm pretty pleased since it's the first item of clothing i've made where i have completely made up the pattern myself, there's something very satisfying and liberating about designing your own pattern.

but i have to say, measuring your child before making a dress for her is a great idea and i wish i had done that instead of ending up with a skintight dress that i had completely undo in order to add side panels to make it fit!

here she is wearing it as she steals the lid of the laundry bin-cheeky monkey!