Tuesday, 22 September 2009

if you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise...

it would be silly of me to only put up pictures of things that i made that i'm a bit pleased with.

also it would be impractical since there are far too many disasters and not enough successes and it would take me forever to wait til i make something vaguely good.

hence... (i love using words like 'hence' in these things because i would never ever use them in real life with real people)... hence i have this perfect example of the kind of rubbish i produce


this guy does make me laugh! i wanted to make a teddy. simple yes? nope! the legs are far too short, the arms are all bumpy and creased and his body is just ridiculous.

this was actually the most flattering photo i had of him, i'm too embarrassed to put up the more detailed ones.

he is the muscliest bear you'll ever see, his chest is bursting and far too defined- he just looks wrong!! no child would want this, although as my kind husband pointed out, when you think back to the first teddy you had it was probably really weird looking too.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

a hero of a desk

i have this new desk which i adore because

> it's red
> it's dinky
> it makes me feel grown up

so to celebrate the new addition to our spare room i made a cushion!!!

it has been far far too long since i have faffed on the old sewing machine, largely due to not having a place where i can put it but now it has a new permanent home!

back to the cushion, i know it's just a cushion. not worthy of a whole post, but to me it's not just a cushion, this is representative of a BRIGHT FUTURE of many more sewn delights!

so here it is, and i am proud of it because i actually had to be NEAT.

there is no room for shoddiness in home accessories and i had to step up to the task and actually use PINS and whatnot- it was pretty different to my normal slap dash methods which is why it took a whole afternoon.

hopefully i will increase my efficiency soon and make more than one thing in a day.