Tuesday, 26 May 2009


i forgot, as soon as i burned it onto a dvd i deleted it! so it will not be put on here!

the end of a lot of art.

yes yes yes i have finally finished uni!! apart from the odd trip in for external examiners and stuff i am DONE!!!

this is my star mobile, i laser cut the lyrics of a song called 'underneath the stars' out of the the stars. can't wait to bring them home and hang them up in my new flat!

my russian dolls. not my favourite piece to be honest but there you go!

building blocks! am a bit annoyed that i took the photo from this side as the pictures on the other side of the blocks are much better.

my 'he loves me not' paper flowers!

my sad little memory book.

the exhibition is all set up now, ready to rock! none of my work is framed cos it's all objects so it's all laid out on this little...well, imagine a tiny little stage and then imagine a few little things arranged on it and there's my exhibition space! my snow globe unfortunately broke while i was takin it to uni last week so that's not there, it's in the bin. i'll get marked down for that no doubt, but there was nothing i could do! i'm going to try to upload the people watching video i made, it's not very good but i might as well.

Friday, 8 May 2009

i've been doin some work!

well today i decided to take photos of some works in progress as it's dreadfully dismal when i'm shut up in my room. taking photos makes me feel like i'm getting somewhere when in fact i'm not. for my final exhibition (which i am dreaading) i am doing a visual soundtrack, so have chosen 10 songs that are just brilliant to work to. music in the background is essential to my creative process. but this last year of my degree my creative process has been dire, as i can't seem to do anything right. so to try and shift my creative block i thought i'd pay homage to the tunes that have never before let me down, and create art as a response to the songs themselves.

so there you have a long-winded way of saying that i'm doing 10 pieces, one for each song.

i have a pillow case (for a song about not being able to sleep)

some trial flowers (for a song about token gestures)

a memory book (recognising a relationship that the singer says has been sadly forgotten)

some building blocks (for a song that describes the things that life is built up of)

i've decided that painting cubes is not the career for me. i like mixing the colours but it's far too fussy for me. i think it requires patience which is something i wish i had! and that's just the background colour, i still have all the pictures and words to paint on- pants!!

none of these are remotely finished. and in addition to these 4 i have a star mobile, a calendar, a set of russian dolls, a gigantic 'dear john' letter, a snow globe and a hmmmmmmnmnmnmnmnnnn not quite sure what to do for the last one. it's to do with people watching. have taken a gazillion pictures of people from the same spot in starbucks (that was a particularly taxing day i can tell you) but just don't know how to quite use them. i need inspiration.

that's enough blogging, it's been a lovely lovely distraction!